CFO Services

Our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services will help address your concerns and issues.
  • Is your organization a small or medium enterprise?
  • Do you want to test the Indian markets, but don’t want to increase the head count?
  • Are you looking for reducing your expenses and increasing your revenue?
  • Are you interested to get our expertise services?
  • Do you want to concentrate on your core business without worrying about the accounting and compliances?
  • Do you want to save on money, time and infrastructure?
Our Service Offerings are:
  • Complete Financial Outsourcing for Indian Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Complete Financial Outsourcing for foreign Companies setting up in India
  • Process Outsourcing
  • Payroll Outsourcing
Save on the infrastructure cost
Infrastructure costs in India form considerable part of the total operating cost of an organisation. Since the accounting and finance teams would be working from our location, the Company would be able to save substantial overheads by Statutory Audit. We would also be able to save your burden of changing or maintaining infrastructure
Save on the bonus / other mandatory labour costs
Your Company would be able to save the mandatory labour costs, be it in the nature of bonus or other social security benefits.
Save on the employee turnover
The team involved in finance functions would be managed by a partner, helping you save on the attrition related costs and avoid any loss of work.
Concentrate more on your core business
Your organization will be free to concentrate on the core business. By outsourcing all your non-core functions like International Taxation, your employees can be put to optimal productive use leading to increased efficiency and growth rate in your core business.
Get access to specialized services
We specialize in managing finance functions with limited intervention from organization’s side.
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